Top 10 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers – 2019 Reviews

No one really enjoys raking the leaves in their yard, yet there hasn’t always been an easier alternative other than leaving them right where they are. Thankfully, there are numerous leaf blowers available for use nowadays, but we have found that a backpack leaf blower is the best option for the year 2019.

After all, technology has improved immensely over the years. Once everyone reads our backpack leaf blower reviews, we are certain that they will find themselves making a purchase, so that all their leaf removal needs are easier in the future.

Husqvarna Backpack Leaf Blower – 965877502

This leaf blower offers a lightweight option that includes an integrated back pack harness with wide shoulder straps and a convenient hip belt. There is enough speed with this model to make it perfect for not only homeowners, but landscaping professionals as well. While it works well with removing leaves, it can also be used to remove any other waste that is in a yard. Therefore, people can use this blower to remove dirt, debris, and anything else that should not be on the ground around their home.

What We Like about It
We love the fact that this backpack leaf blower is lightweight and easy to use. The fact that it uses less gas than other bulkier models and emits less emissions is another bonus in our book. Our favorite feature of this backpack blower is the fan keeping a continuous speed, so that everyone can complete large jobs quickly and efficiently.
  • 1 horsepower engine with a maximum speed of 7,500 rpm
  • Integrated backpack harness with hip belt and soft, wide shoulder straps
  • Less fuel consumption and fewer emissions
  • Soft handle that is easy to hold and maneuver
  • Easy to reach throttle controls
  • Not as strong as other models
  • Some parts are plastic and can break easily

Husqvarna 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered Blower – 560BTS 65.6cc

This backpack blower has been designed for commercial use, which is why it is perfect for homeowners! There is a two-stage intake air filter, so it will work for a longer period of time, even in the dustiest conditions. The ergonomic handle and shoulder straps make this backpack leaf blower easy to wear and maneuver. The 65.6cc x-torq engine uses less fuel than some models and even helps reduce the amounts of emissions that are being released.

What We Like about It
We love the ergonomic handle that is available on this model, because it is easy to hold onto for longer lengths of time. That makes it much easier to complete larger jobs without the need to take multiple breaks for tired hands. This blower is also quite light, so it will not bother a person’s back or shoulders, even if a person has problems with their back.
  • Lightweight at only 23.5 pounds
  • Ergonomic handle that is easy to maneuver
  • Two-stage air filtration system
  • Uses less fuel
  • Emits less emissions
  • Warranty can be extended with a purchase of Husqvarna pre-mix fuel at time of order
  • Blowing speed does not seem as strong as other models
  • No waist belt option

Makita BBX7600N Backpack Blower

The options on this model may make it one of the best backpack leaf blowers available on the market. The engine is powerful, yet fuel efficient, and the air filter can easily be changed when it gets dirty. The backpack portion features padded shoulder straps with a ventilated back panel, but the best part is the lumbar support that it also offers. This backpack blower is also more compact than other models, which makes it perfect to use in all those small spaces and crevices in a person’s yard.

What We Like about It
The lumbar support feature on this backpack blower is one of our favorite features. It makes it easier for people of all ages to use, even if they don’t have back problems. We also love the fact that maintenance is easy to do, whether it is changing the air filter or replacing the oil. It is simple to do these tasks quickly and then start using the backpack leaf blower to do the work that needs to be done.
  • Easy to change air filter and oil
  • Lightweight design and compact
  • Lumbar support
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to start
  • Blower arm pieces do not fit tightly together and can fall off when in use
  • Not as powerful when it is first started

Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc

This backpack leaf blower only weighs twenty-two pounds, so it is one of the lighter weight ones on the market. The cruise control option is nice, so that people can keep it at a continuous speed while they are using it.

What We Like about It
We love that this backpack leaf blower can be used for heavy-duty jobs in the yard. The cruise control is a nice feature, but many people will find that they need to change the speed as they are using it.
  • Powerful engine
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Cruise control
  • Adjustable throttle speeds
  • Does not always start on the first try

Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Backpack Blower

Troy-Bilt has created a backpack leaf blower that can be started without pulling a cord, so it is easier for many people to use. That feature does cost extra, but may be worth it to most people. Anyone who decides against that feature will still be pleased with the fact that the cord option does have SpringAssist, so it is easier to pull the cord to get it to start. This model also comes with a flexible tube, so people can reach under and behind multiple objects that are in their way.

What We Like about It
We love the coolflex backpack design that is available with this model. Not only does it keep a person cool while they are wearing it, it helps reduce back fatigue as well. This leaf blower can remove large piles of leaves quickly along with other debris and dirt. The SpringAssist does make it easier to pull the cord to start this backpack blower, but most people will find that it is worth the extra money for the additional engine starter.
  • Coolflex design for backpack
  • SpringAssist to make cord pull start easier
  • Long flex tube allows for easy access to many areas
  • Speed can be adjusted or kept the same with the cruise control option
  • Additional purchase may be required for those who want the engine starter

Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

The x-torq engine on this model is easy to start and the high-efficient fan means high air flow and speed. The vibrations with this model are less due to the LowVib dampeners that are installed between the engine and the chassis. No one will need to remember to switch it to the on position, because it does it automatically.

What We Like about It
We like the fact that our arms do not feel like they are shaking when they use this backpack leaf blower. Since it is now 2017 and technology has improved immensely, every manufacturer should offer the LowVib feature that this model has. The padded harness is another fantastic feature that helps immensely during larger projects as it makes it more comfortable to wear.
  • Powerful x-torq engine
  • Padded harness and hip belt
  • LowVib feature decreases vibrations during use
  • Switch automatically turns to the on position
  • Fuel efficient and emits less emissions
  • Variable speeds available, but cruise control is also available
  • Only suitable for light commercial use, so homeowners may even find that it is not as powerful as they would like
  • Blowing arm is made from plastic

Echo Backpack Blower – PB-580T

This lightweight backpack blower has a maximum air speed of 215 mph, which is enough to clear some debris and leaves from a yard. The throttle is on the blowing tube for this model and it is adjustable.

What We Like about It
We like the fact that the throttle can be adjusted on the tube, as it makes it easier for people to place in a spot that they can reach it quickly.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Throttle can be adjusted
  • Not as powerful as other models
  • May take a couple tries to start

Husqvarna 360 BT 65.6cc Backpack Blower

This is a commercial grade backpack leaf blower, so it is powerful enough for homeowners and landscapers. The powerful engine delivers high air speed to quickly remove leaves and other debris from yards. Additional accessories can be purchased to enhance the versatility of this model.

What We Like about It
Everyone should consider a backpack leaf blower for their home that can also be used for commercial purposes, simply because it would be more powerful. This model has the power that homeowners may not need all the time, but it would come in handy when a more difficult and messy project arises. We also like the fact that there are accessories that can be added to this to enhance how the item is used.
  • Can be used commercially
  • Powerful
  • Quickly removes leaves and debris
  • No waist or chest belt option
  • Additional cost for other accessories

Makita EB7650WH Backpack Blower 75.6cc

This 4-stroke engine ensures that no one will be mixing fuel and oil before using it. That in itself makes it one of the best backpack leaf blowers available in 2017. No one has the time to mix all these products just to use a backpack blower and this model doesn’t take any extra time or effort. The fact that it is designed for commercial use will allow homeowners to use it without concern, because they will know it has the power to complete any job that they may have.

What We Like about It
We like the lightweight design that fits comfortably on our back when it is being used. This backpack leaf blower is quite quiet, which is a great option and should be available in more models since it is 2017. We feel that the best feature is the 4-stroke engine, because we never liked having to mix the fuel and oil together before using it. With this engine, we can simply add the fuel and start removing the leaves and debris from anywhere.
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Quiet
  • No mixing fuel and oil
  • Powerful
  • Starts easily
  • Anti-vibration mounts ensure less vibrations when in use
  • Hip throttle with both on and off switches and cruise control
  • Can be too large for smaller people to wear comfortably

Ryobi RYO8420 42cc Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower

The contoured back and shoulder harness on this model offers an adjustable fit that makes it easy to wear. The powerful engine has a unique air flow orientation that assists in completing jobs quickly. The angled air nozzles ensure that small spaces can be reached easily without the need to move things around.

What We Like about It
We like the angled nozzles, because there is nothing worse than having to move outdoor furniture, toys, planters, and more while trying to clean up a yard. This backpack leaf blower will allow people to quickly get the job done with very little effort on their part.
  • Powerful air speed
  • Angled air nozzles
  • Cruise control
  • Contoured back and shoulder harness that is adjustable
  • Fuel and oil needs to be mixed prior to use
  • Trigger arm can separate from the main blower tube
  • Can take multiple tries to start

These are some of the best backpack leaf blowers available for purchase for the year 2017. Many of the features on these models are quite advanced, which is helpful for those who are looking for an easy way to remove their leaves and other yard debris. Every single backpack blower listed is lightweight, so anyone can use them without having back pain. Everyone will find their favorite one on this list, but they will want to choose the one that best meets the power that they will need for the jobs that they need to do.

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