Best Dash Camera For Motorcycle – 2019 Reviews

Motorcycle Dash Cam ReviewsFor many people motorcycles are a mode of transportation and a way of life at the same time. Bikers, as they are commonly referred to a unique breed of people and they can be found in every walk of life. There is nothing more enjoyable to them than riding the down the road with the wind in their face and hair.

When it comes to traveling on a motorcycle it can be a bit difficult to enjoy views since you are far too busy paying attention to the road. This where a motorcycle camera would fit perfectly. Cameras (a.k.a. dashcams) can be mounted easily on the front and or rear end of a motorcycle.

We created this article in hopes to help as many people to be able to find and purchase the best motorcycle camera.

Top 8 Best Camera For Motorcycle Touring

Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam

Blueskysea Motorcycle Dash Cam


The Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam is a high-quality device that is designed especially for use with motorcycles and other outdoor applications. It features a fully waterproof case, wiring, and mounting system are all designed using IP67 waterproofing technology. The dual CCD cameras are full HD quality and record at 1080P resolution.

The package includes two Sony 232+6 CCD cameras that connect directly to the recording and video playback unit. It also includes the mount (molded plastic) for each camera and wired remote control. You can purchase the optional GPS attachment that is sold separately, which will add some very cool features to your dash cam experience.

The key to the DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam is the fact that the whole unit is totally waterproof. This meant that the whole unit could safely be mounted on any motorcycle without having to worry about a sudden rainstorm damaging it. The 2.35″ full-color LCD screen delivered some of the most amazing images you will find on such a small screen.

The Blueskysea Dash Cam is a high-quality unit that will help you record your travels so that you can rewatch them any time.


Meknic A7 Motorcycle Camera, Dual Lens 1080P MEKNIC A7 Motorcycle Camera


The Meknic A7 Motorcycle Camera, is a high-quality recording system is designed especially to be used with motorcycles. The system package includes two powerful, dual lens CCD cameras that capture everything that is in front of your bike. Each of the cameras has an ultra-wide viewing angle up to 130° which makes it possible to cover the road from shoulder to shoulder.

The key to making it perfect for using it on a motorcycle is that every part of the system is fully waterproof and can easily be mounted anywhere on a motorcycle. The package also includes a power cable that makes it easy to hook it directly to the internal battery of the motorcycle so you did not have to worry about whether you had enough battery power.

TheMeknic A7 Motorcycle Camera system includes the recording unit with its high-resolution 2.7″ full-color HD screen. All of the images are recorded to the internal microSD card and supports media up to 64GB.

The Meknic A7 Motorcycle Camera, is a high-quality motorcycle mounted dash cam system that would be perfect for anyone who wants to record their road trips.

Sybc6 Motorcycle Action Camera By Sykik Rider

Motorcycle Action Camera For Bikers


The Biker’s Camera, Sykik Rider Sybc6 Camera is a high-quality dash camera system that is designed to replace an old helmet-mounted camera. The system features two (front and rear facing) high-quality CCD sensors capable of capturing full motion video up to 720P. The video is recorded on the main unit which features a 2″ LCD display for easy live viewing.

Each of the cameras is fully water and dustproof and can be easily mounted securely to the front and rear of your bike. The cameras are able to record a full 140° viewing angle which brings in an amazing amount of the action in the front and rear of your bike as you are traveling. All of the videos are recorded onto a microSD located inside the main unit.

The  Sykik Motorcycle Action Camera is capable of recording up to 5 hours of continuous video on a single microSD card. The card is removable so that you can pop in another card to extend the amount of recording. The included G-Sensor system will automatically begin recording in the event of an emergency (including a time-stamp).

The Sybc6 Motorcycle Action Camera is a low-budget model motorcycle dash cam system that is full of features that would make it a good choice for a person on a budget.

DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera By Blueskysea

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Camera


The system consists of two full HD cameras (front and rear facing) and the DVR (digital video recorder) unit. The video recorder unit features a 2.7″ full-color LCD screen. The cameras include a built-in mount to make it easier to install them.

The CCD sensors are capable of recording up to 1080P resolution video and feature a 130° viewing angle. Each of the cameras features fully water and dust proof lens to make it easy to record during pop up rainstorms. However, you need to take steps to prevent the DVR unit from getting wet since the LCD screen is not waterproof.

The cameras each were designed with several technologies that are designed to make them perfectly suited for use mounted on a motorcycle. The G-sensor system wakes up the cameras if they are not running in continuous loopback. All of the images and video are recorded to the 32GB microSD card.

The Blueskysea DV188 is a really good quality motorcycle dash camera system and would be a good choice.

AUTOLOVER DV188 Motorcycle Dash cam

Autolover DV188 Motorcycle Dash


Bike Camera, AUTOLOVER DV188 Motorcycle Dash Cam is a good choice motorcycle camera system from AUTOLOVER. The system is designed to replace the old style helmet cams that used to be worn bikers who wanted to capture the road as they were riding. This new type of system features two cameras that are capable of recording both front and rear views.

The system features two Full HD quality CCD sensors that record at a full 1080P resolution and everything they capture is recorded on the internal microSD card. The cameras are fully water and dust proof, which means they can handle being exposed to rain and other environmental conditions. Unfortunately, the monitor and recording unit are not waterproof and should be put in a safe place in the event of a sudden rain shower.

Cinlitek Motorcycle Recording Camera

Cinlitek Motorcycle Recording Camera


The system includes two fully HD CCD sensors that record video up to 1080P and are fully water and dust proof. Unfortunately, the recording unit is not fully waterproof and therefore must be covered with the included rubber cover when it is raining.

The cameras each feature a 155° viewing angle which allows them to capture an amazing amount of the action out the front and rear of your motorcycle. The recording unit features a high-quality 2.7″ full-color LCD display. It also includes a built-in recording system that features a microSD card for holding hours worth of video. It is capable of hold microSD card media up to 128GB.

LANCERTECH Motorcycle Dash Cam 4.0

Lancertech Motorcycle Dash Cam


The LANCERTECH Motorcycle Dash Cam provides full HD quality recording and playback. It is designed especially for outdoor use mounted on a motorcycle. The whole system is designed to be waterproof and features an IP67 level waterproofing rating.

When it is mounted on a motorcycle it is capable of recording both front and rear views using its high-quality CCD sensors. The front camera records in up to full 1080P resolution and the rear-facing camera records in up to 720P resolution. The recording unit features a 4″ IPS LCD screen that delivers extremely clear images.

The 140° viewing angle is the second biggest of all the dash cam systems on our list and it means that it brings more of the action around you into view. The controlling software app allows you to select how the video is recording, which includes the ability to record in a loop. All the video is saved to an internal removable microSD card. This makes it easy to download the videos you take.

The LANCERTECH Motorcycle Dash Cam is one of the best values on our list. It provides great features and delivers great results for a lower price.

OBEST Biker’s Camera Motorcycle Dash Cam 1080p Dual Lens

OBESTMotorcycle Dash Cam


This motorcycle dash cam features dual CCD sensors that can be mounted securely in the front and rear end of the motorcycle. The system records in full 1080P HD resolution and displays all the action on a high-quality LCD display.

The dual CCD sensors feature full water and dust proofing rating at IP68, however, the recording unit and 3″ LCD display are not fully protected. In the event of rain, you would want to have a way to protect it from the moisture. Each of the cameras features built-in metal mounting hardware for ease of installation.

The cameras provide a massive 170° viewing angle which brings in an amazing amount of the action in the front and rear of your bike. All of the videos are recorded internally to the removable microSD card that is capable of saving massive amounts of video. The included software app allows you to set it to loop and it will continuously record the action.

What is a  dashcam?

Digital camera technology has revolutionized how we are able to enjoy the world around us. For years in order to capture full-motion images, you would have to carry a big and bulky video camera around with you. Today, digital camera technology has evolved into palm size devices that are capable of recording hours and hours of full-motion video.

These digital cameras can now be mounted on the dash of a car or front of a motorcycle. These motorcycle dash cam devices are able to capture high-quality images and record them for later playback. Depending on the quality of the components inside these dashcams are able to capture an incredible amount of images.

Things To Consider While choosing Your Motorcycle Dash Cam

So, you are in the market for a motorcycle dash cam and you are not sure what you need. There are many, many different brands and models on the market today and each of them has good points and bad points. It really comes down to what you are looking for the dash cam to be able to do for you.

We put together a list of some of the more important features that you should be looking for in a motorcycle dash cam. While many of the features that we will be talking about are standard features on most of the leading motorcycle dash cams. There are some features that can only be found on certain brands and models and it is important to check them. Below is a list of the Top 10 features that you should be looking for in your first dash cam.

Top 10 features of today’s motorcycle camera

Full HD Quality Display – The quality of the video recording should be the most important factor when you are considering a dash cam for your motorcycle. Today’s cameras are capable of high definition (HD) recordings and you should look for one that has at least 1080P (Full HD).

Wide-Angle of Playback – The wider angle of the camera the better and you should always look for one that has at least a 120° angle to ensure that you are able to capture as much of the view of the road.

Records full audio – In order to get the full video experience it is important that your motorcycle dash cam should have the ability to record full audio. The quality of the audio playback will depend on how much attention the manufacturer paid to it.

Supports MicroSD card technology – It is very important to have a way to record the video images that are being captured by your dash cam. Having a way to record it is a big feature of any cam and most of them offer the ability to record via a microSD card. The card capacity ranges from 16GB up to 128GB.

Battery Life – The motorcycle dash cam requires battery power to operate and it is important to choose a model that offers a long battery life, preferably longer than 8 hours. This will allow you to capture as much video as possible.

Screen size – The screen size is an important factor when it comes to choosing which dash cam is best for you. You will probably notice that a 2.7″ screen is typical, but if you prefer a larger screen be ready to pay extra for it.

G-sensor – A g-sensor is a way that some dash cams are able to detect excessive vibration. This vibration can trigger the cam to begin recording as in the event of an accident. Not all dash cams have this type of sensor as a basic feature and are usually found on more advanced models.

GPS tracking – GPS tracking is a unique feature that uses satellite technology in order to track your specific location. This can also be used in conjunction with online website services such as Google Maps.

Night Vision – Low light or night recording is especially important for long distance touring. Many of the top model dash cams have the ability of recording in extremely low light or complete darkness with built-in night vision technology.

Software App – Software apps help you to be able to access the video recordings. You should be able to download the app directly to your phone or computer. The app should also make it possible to remotely control your dash cam.

Final Thoughts

It has not been that long since the first generation helmet cams became widely accepted by bikers. Now that technology has caught up, they are now making dash cam systems that are designed with motorcycles in mind. This systems feature water and dust proof cameras and recording systems that are capable of recording up to 5 hours of crisp and clear video.

This article was written in hopes to educate the reader about the availability of dash cameras that are made especially for motorcycles and what there are to choose from on the market.

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