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The end of summer will be upon us before we know it, which means, unfortunately, that it is time to start thinking about winter.

For those of us who don’t live in tropical climates, winters can be cold, dry, and uncomfortable. We may have skyrocketing gas bills from using heat throughout the colder months, but that doesn’t always have the be the case.

If you only use certain rooms in your home, you may benefit from installing an electric wall heater. These devices can heat smaller rooms without requiring you to turn on your entire central heating system.

This can help create major savings on your heating bills and may be just what you need to get through the winter months.

These are what we consider to be the best electric wall heaters currently on the market.

Econo-Heat 0603 Electric Wall Heater

The Econo-Heat 0603 E-heater is a minimalist, sleek heater that provides an ample amount of heat considering its small profile. It’s so discrete that people may not even notice that you have a heater installed in your room!

In fact, the Electric Wall-Heater can be painted to match your walls so that it will blend into the room even more.

This fantastic little machine has the ability to sufficiently heat a room of up to 120 square feet and uses less than 1/3 the electricity of a regular space heaters.

The Econo-heat 0603 E-heater is truly a great device if you want something that looks good and gets the job done.

Stiebel Eltron 2000w/1500W Electric Fan Heater

Stiebel Eltron has long been a trusted name in heating technology, and the Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater is no exception. This low-profile heater is easy to install and provides ample heat for small to medium-sized rooms.

With quality German engineering, this is a reliable product that can be easily operated and has a low risk of failure.

There are a built-in thermostat and a timer, making it simple to turn the heater on and set an automatic shutoff in the case that you want to conserve energy.

If you simply need to keep an area above freezing, there is a frost protection setting that will do just that.

The ultra quiet fan pulls cool air through the top and blows out warm air from the bottom, working to heat your room as evenly as possible.

VonHaus Electric Flat Panel Heater – 450W

This is another super-thin heater that is made out of paintable ceramic, so you can install it in any room and customize it to fit with any décor.

Boasting 450 watts of power, it is easily strong enough to provide heat for small or medium rooms. It sits only 3/8 of an inch off of the wall, giving it a sleek, uncluttered, and flush finish.

You’ll no doubt be impressed by how quickly this little heater gets up to the desired temperature. With a cool touch edge, it’s extremely safe and easy to use as well!

It also features overheat protection and will turn off automatically in any event that is no ideal, so you won’t have to worry about any sort of malfunction.

VonHaus really hit it out of the park with this affordable and stylish heater that works exceptionally in any size and style of home.

Cadet Com-Pak Plus Fan heater – 67507

This is a compact unit that provides an impressive blast of heat! With fast-heating coils, this little electric wall heater can warm an environment of up to 200 square feet, making it the perfect device for a small family room or garage.

It includes a fan that is almost completely silent and evenly spreads the heat throughout your room, no matter where you place the unit.

The Cadet Com-Pak electric wall heater can be quickly and easily mounted to the wall, and it includes features such as:

  • wall can
  • heater
  • grill
  • thermostat, and more

That means it almost have everything you need to keep your room nice and warm throughout the winter months.

The unit will turn off automatically if maximum temperatures are exceeded, so you can rest assured knowing that you aren’t putting your family at risk for any hazards.

Broan 174 Electric Wall Heater

Broan is a solid brand name in the heating world, and the 174 Wall Heater delivers on all its promises. This is not a particularly fancy heater, but it is perfect for anybody who is looking to easily heat a small or mid-sized room.

It comes in a compact size, so it won’t be taking up too much space on your wall. With an easy-to-use built-in thermostat, you’ll have no trouble adjusting the heat to your desired level, no matter what time of year it is.

The cutting-edge alloy heating element inside will provide heat in just a few seconds, eliminating the need to get this thing going before you plan on using your room.

The housing can be quickly removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. This is a streamlined, simple, and efficient little heater that can bring warmth to any home.

Broan 9815WH High Capacity Wall Heater

This is the second Broan product on the list, proving that they are no slouches when it comes to wall heaters. This is a heavy duty electric wall heater that can provide sufficient spot heating for small and medium-sized rooms, no matter how rough your winters are.

It is actually powerful enough for commercial use, so you can remain confident that your home will be warm and cozy at all times.

The warmup is almost immediate thanks to the alloy heating element, and the fans are smooth and quiet, making for a pleasant environment in any room.

This has proven to be a fantastic heating device that requires little maintenance, so it is a great addition to any home that requires a little extra warmth.

Heat Storm – Indoor Infrared Wall Heater – HS – 100

Heat Storm is helping change the game with its infrared heaters system that maximizes energy efficiency and delivers plenty of warmth.

This electric wall heater is powerful enough to warm up a room of 500 square feet when combined with supplemental heating.

Using under 2 square feet of wall space, this can be discreetly installed in any home that needs a little bit more warmth.

A largely LED display lets you know the exact temperature and allows you to adjust it from anywhere in the home using a smart, intuitive remote control.

It simply plugs into a standard outlet, so you won’t need any special equipment to get this machine up and running.

King Electric – Electric Wall Heater – W2420

King Electric has a large line of heating supplies that always get the job done. The W2420 Electric Wall Heater is just one of their high-end options that will easily heat any room in your home.

It utilizes a NiChrome heating element that comes up to temperature quickly and evenly disperses the heat throughout your room.

Its minimal profile can be easily installed into any wall and won’t be a burden by taking up too much space.

In fact, most people can install this unit within 30 minutes or less, but if you have any issues, King Electric offers a telephone support line that can assist you with any problems.

Cadet CEC163TW Energy Plus Wall heater

Cadet is making its second appearance on the list thanks to this wonderful little heater that has all the extras you need for a warm home.

A digital thermostat makes this easy to set to your preferred level and doesn’t require any complicated work to start functioning.

The variable speed fan is extremely quiet, so this can be used in any room without bothering you or your family members.

The fan will automatically adjust based on the temperature, so you won’t have to worry about overheating or spending unnecessary money on your electric bill.

This mounts to any wall in minutes and delivers a sleek, minimal profile that matches any home décor.

Because the electric wall heater is so easy to install, you can place this virtually anywhere you want, and it will efficiently and evenly heat your room, no matter where you put it.

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