Top 7 Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers – 2019 Reviews

For years, people have been snatching up Bluetooth speakers, so that they can listen to music wherever they are. While those speakers have been amazing, technology has advanced enough to the point where people can now listen to music on a floating Bluetooth speaker. These new speakers simply float over the docking station via magnets and wireless charging technology. These floating Bluetooth speakers don’t really make the music sound any better, but they are definitely unique and great conversation starters!

Top 7 Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers

ICE Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

ICE Orb Levitating Speaker


This floating speaker spins above a magnetic base while blasting a person’s favorite tunes. The base does double duty as a charging dock and the orb can be used without the base as a standalone Bluetooth speaker. The speaker can be used with any device and will pair automatically.

What We Like About It – We love the fact that this floating Bluetooth speaker functions as a piece of art as well as a way to listen to music. The added bonus of being capable of charging a device while listening to music is superb as many people find their device needs a little power after a couple of hours of use.

  • Orb spins continuously over the base
  • Orb can be used without the base
  • Base can be used as a USB charging station
  • Pairs automatically with any device
  • High-quality sound at any volume
  • All electronics need to be kept at least seven inches from the base or the magnets will affect them

COWIN Portable Floating Wireless Speakers With LED Light

COWIN Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


This floating Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof, so it is safe to use anywhere around water and can even float in it. The speaker lights up with the LED lights and the 10W subwoofer ensures not only a loud sound but an enhanced bass as well. This speaker will work with any device that has Bluetooth capability and will play music for over eight hours before it needs to be charged.

What We Like About It – We love the fact that this speaker can float in the water and not be ruined! This is helpful during the summer when it can be difficult to hear the music from the middle of the swimming pool. The long-lasting battery will ensure hours of music entertainment and can easily last all day or all night if it is fully charged in the beginning.

  • Floats on water
  • Completely waterproof
  • LED lights in five different colors
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Connects with all Bluetooth capable devices
  • Extra bass
  • Water can become a problem if it gets inside the speaker as it can muffle or even mute the sound
  • Distance between the device and speaker can’t be too far or it will lose connection

ZVOLTZ Portable Bluetooth Floating Wireless Speaker with Microphone

Z Voltz Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


This floating Bluetooth speaker easily connects to any Bluetooth device and even has a microphone so that a person can have a hands-free conversation.  The speaker rotates 360 degrees so that everyone can enjoy the music as it hovers above the base. The speaker can be used on its own as well and easily fits into a pocket for transport during the day or night. One touch of a button controls every feature of this speaker including the LED lights.

What We Like About It – We love that the LED lights can be turned on and off, so that people can use them only when they want to. The spinning speaker offers a unique way to listen to music and since it can also be used while talking on the phone, it makes any conversation easier.

  • Connects easily to any device with Bluetooth capability
  • Can be used to talk on the phone hands-free
  • All features can be controlled with one touch of a button
  • LED lights will brighten any space as the music is playing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Base needs to stay plugged in to levitate
  • The levitating device also needs to be charged separately
  • Magnetic base can be a problem for other devices that are left too close

7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

7 Arc Star Floating Speaker


This floating speaker seems to hover and spin seamlessly in the air over the magnetic base as it distributes sound around the room. It can be used as a portable speaker as well, plus it will charge a smartphone. The base will continuously charge the speaker as it is rotating in the air, so the music never needs to stop for a quick charge.

What We Like About It – We love the fact that the speaker will charge as it is being used, because there is nothing worse than having to stop the party when the speaker dies. It is also nice that a smartphone can be charged at the same time the music is playing. While this floating speaker is fantastic in the air, we also like the fact that it is portable and can be used without the base at any time.

  • Floating speaker that charges as it spins
  • Works for eight hours away from the base if it is fully charged
  • The base can charge a smartphone
  • The LED lights balance the speaker and provide a fabulous lighting experience for the room
  • Connects to all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Magnets are quite strong and can cause damage to other electronics
  • Speaker quality is not as good as other floating speakers

Star Wars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker By Plox

Plo Official Star Wars Speakers


This is the best floating Bluetooth speaker for Star Wars fans as it plays music while spinning in a circle for five hours per charge. This is an officially licensed product that will complete any Star Wars fan’s collection in an ultra-cool way. The speaker seamlessly suspends in the air and rotates as the base uses magnets to keep it in place.

What We Like About It – Well, first off, anything Star Wars related is a must-have in our book! Other than that, we like the fact that this speaker can play music for five hours straight without needing to be recharged.

  • Officially licensed Star Wars product
  • Plays music for five hours straight
  • Can be used with any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Rotating speaker sends music in all directions
  • The base will not charge any other devices
  • Speaker needs to be charged separately and cannot be charged while spinning
  • Speaker quality is not as good as other floating speaker models

Auto Levitating Speaker – Mars by Crazybaby

Mars by Crazybaby Speaker


The Mars device will float and play music for up to eight hours on a full charge before it lands on its own for automatic charging. Mars looks very much like a UFO and is quite durable and waterproof. Mars is compatible to any device that has Bluetooth capability and the sound is projected everywhere as the device spins in a circle.

What We Like About It – We love the fact that this speaker is smart enough to know when it needs to be charged and simply lands to do so. It is also amazing that this speaker knows when it is fully charged once again, because it will simply climb back into the air to spin and it never misses a beat. This speaker looks much different than other speakers, which is a good thing, especially since this really does look like a UFO.

  • Charges automatically
  • Connects to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Music can be heard anywhere in the room
  • Durable and waterproof
  • To get the full experience, a person would need to download the Crazybaby app – that is the only way to completely control this device

Fineway Floating Sound X-1 Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


Fineway Portable Wireless-Bluetooth Speaker


This floating speaker also rotates 360 degrees over the base, but it has a specialized sound guide cone that increases the 3D sound effect in the room. The base does include a USB port so that a person can charge another device while using the speaker. This speaker will also connect with any Bluetooth enabled device that a person may own.

What We Like About It – We love the USB port that allows people to charge other devices, even when the speaker is playing music. We also found out that a person can charge the speaker using this USB port and still listen to music at the same time.

  • Connects to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • USB port on the base can be used to charge other devices
  • Charge speaker while using it
  • Rotating speaker adds flair to any music listening session
  • Special sound guide cone enhances the 3D sound effects
  • Magnets can affect other electronics if placed too close by
  • Sound quality seems to be lacking at times

We read many floating speaker reviews after performing our own and everyone seems to agree with many of our same conclusions. Many of these floating Bluetooth speakers lack in the sound department, but not enough to cause major concerns while listening to music. In fact, after a while, most people do not even notice it! These floating Bluetooth speakers are really cool to look at and they make a fabulous conversation piece when someone spots it for the first time. Those two reasons are the major factors for people who have already purchased their floating Bluetooth speakers and pretty soon, everyone else will want to own one as well.

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