Top 10 Best Mini Circular Saws – 2019 Reviews

A mini circular saw, which also can be called a compact circular saw, is a necessary tool for many households. This small item can be used to cut a large variety of materials quickly and easily.

Almost every small circular saw is not only easy to use but can be used with little to no knowledge of how to use it at first. While many people would be nervous to use a tool like a mini circular saw, we know that once they give it a try, they will begin to wonder why they didn’t use it much sooner.

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut Ultra-Compact Mini Circular Saw


This mini circular saw will cut anything from tile and wood to sheet metal, plastic, and more. It has an ergonomic design complete with a slim grip handle, which makes it easy for anyone to use.

It is easy to use this mini circular saw by guiding the saw with only one hand, yet it still provides the perfect cut every time. The additional dust extraction adapter allows dust to be removed during the cutting process, which immediately improves visibility during the job at hand.

What We Like About It
We love the fact that the dust is removed during the cutting process because too many materials have been destroyed in the past when the cutting line is not clearly visible.

The number of materials that this small circular saw can cut is amazing and it can be used for multiple projects around the home. The best compact design allows a person to cut materials in a space that may not be possible with a larger saw.

  • Compact design
  • Dust is removed during cutting
  • Depth can be adjusted
  • Lock-off switch prevents it from being turned on accidentally
  • Cuts multiple materials
  • Ergonomic design ensures easy use
  • Does not cut corners
  • Must press multiple buttons to use

WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw


This compact circular saw weighs half the amount of a regular circular saw, so it is easier for many people to use.

The depth gauge lever and the bevel settings can be quickly adjusted, so that work does not need to be stopped for long periods of time. The blade is on the left, so it is easy to see where the cut is being made if the mini circular saw if being used by a right-handed person.

What We Like About It
We like that anyone can cut a 2×4 quickly and efficiently without having to recut it a second time. The thin blade may seem flimsy to some people, but it works well and doesn’t strain the saw as much as other models.

We love that we can make adjustments to this small circular saw quickly so that each project can be finished on time without delay.

  • Weighs half of a regular circular saw
  • Adjusts quickly and easily
  • The thin blade does not strain the saw
  • The blade is on the left
  • Integrated safety trigger ensures that everyone is safe while the saw is in use

  • The handle is not as ergonomic as other models

Black & Decker BDCCS20B 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Circular Saw


This mini circular saw has a high torque motor that allows people to cut materials quickly and easily.

Depth adjustments can be made without the need for additional tools, so projects can continue at a steady pace. There are bevel adjustments at both forty-five and ninety degrees, so this saw will work for a larger range of products.

What We Like About It
First off, this mini circular saw by Black & Decker can be used with any 20V MAX battery system, so no one needs to worry about trying to find a working battery if they have multiple Black & Decker battery-operated tools.

The five-and-a-half-inch blade will cut any material at any depth without needing a tool for adjustments and changes.

  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Large cutting blade
  • High torque motor
  • Bevel adjustments at both 45 and 90 degrees
  • Works with all Black & Decker 20V MAX battery packs
  • The battery needs to be purchased separately

Dremel US40-01 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit


This may be one of the best mini circular saw options available today. This one has a three in one tool for additional versatility and it can be used to prepare a surface, rip cutting, flush cutting, and plunge cutting.

It is also more durable than other models as it has a long-lasting drive train, as well as a metal foot and guard. While many other mini circular saws are battery-operated, this one has a seven-foot cord that plugs in for continuous use.

What We Like About It
We like the fact that this small circular saw is corded because then we don’t have to wait for a battery to recharge before continuing to use it.

The two-wheel positions are great for when different cuts are needed or material needs to be prepped for use.

  • Cuts a large variety of materials with ease
  • Two-wheel positions for a variety of cutting techniques
  • Powerful motor
  • Corded instead of battery operated
  • The clean line of sight when cutting
  • Durable
  • Needs a cord so not as portable as battery operated models
  • Not as versatile for cutting depths as other models

Rotorazer Saw with 3 Quick Change Blade Mini Circular Saw


This small circular saw kit is lightweight, versatile, easy to use, and quite powerful. This model can be used in place of a jigsaw, regular-sized circular saw, hand saw, hack saw, miter saw, and tile saw. It cuts any type of material, including marble, tile, and steel.

The saw will arrive with three cutting blades and a dust extraction system.

What We Like About It
We love the carrying case that this is delivered with because it allows people to keep everything together in one place.

The versatility of this compact circular saw is amazing and it is nice to have a tool that can do so much without taking up a lot of space.

  • 3 cutting blades
  • Dust extraction system for easy cutting
  • Can cut any material
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Doesn’t cut as deep as other models
  • Blades are not easy to change

Makita SHO2R1 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw


This Makita mini circular saw has a powerful motor that can cut faster than many other models that are available.

The 3-3/8” blade will cut to a depth of one inch, however, that depth is changed depending on if the material is being cut into a 45 or 90-degree angle. The base tilts for beveling up to 45 degrees.

What We Like About It
The Makita name has been around for many years, so it is not surprising that this model works as it should.

It does not claim to cut through any material, but it does cut through the items that it says it will. It doesn’t weigh as much as other small circular saws and it works really well in compact spaces.

  • Powerful cutting at maximum speeds
  • Comes with 2 12V max batteries with LED charge level indicators
  • Lightweight at only 3.5 pounds
  • Cuts through some materials easily
  • Only uses genuine Makita batteries and chargers
  • Not compatible with every Makita 12V battery or charger, it needs to be the MAX CXT series

Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw with Dust Port and Accessory Kit


This compact circular saw can cut through a 2×4 in a single pass, with no other cuts being needed. That alone may make it one of the best mini circular saws available for homeowners today.

At five pounds, it is a little heavier than other models, but the grip design makes it easy to hold and maneuver. While it can cut many materials, it was made especially for wood.

What We Like About It
We like that we can see clearly as we are cutting wood with this mini circular saw. It may not be as light as other models, but it is still easy to use and works well for the job at hand.

The grip allows people to hold it comfortably without worrying that it will slip out of their hands. It is very easy to control and maneuver as cuts are being made.

  • Maneuverable
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Works well when cutting wood
  • Easy to see while cutting
  • Won’t cut as many other materials as other small circular saws

Ryobi P505 5-1/2” 18 Volt Circular Saw


This compact circular saw has been designed so that people can use it with two hands. That ensures that every user can properly cut whatever material they need without feeling worried about losing control of the saw.

The blade is carbide tipped so that it lasts longer than other blades on the market. This model does use a rechargeable battery instead of a cord.

What We Like About It
We love that the blade is on the left side for this model because it allows for better visibility as lines are being cut. The longer blade life is another fantastic feature as is the two-handed grip on the front pommel handle.
  • The compact design makes it easy for anyone to use
  • Front pommel handle allows people to use two hands while operating
  • Left side blade offers improved visibility while cutting
  • Battery and battery charger is sold separately
  • No laser guide included with this saw

Genesis GCS545C 5.8amp 120 Volt 4-1/2 inch Control Grip Small Circular Saw


This powerful and durable motor will easily cut through softwood, hardwood, and composites with precision and accuracy. The cutline is easy to see and the depth and bevels can be adjusted quickly.

The carbide tipped blade will last a long time, even when used for the most difficult jobs. It works well in small spaces and it can be used with only one hand thanks to the ergonomic control grip.

What We Like About It
We love that the dust collection adapter keeps the cutline clear as the cuts are being made.

The versatility of this tool is quite noticeable and it even works in small spaces that are difficult to reach with other tools. While it will easily cut through wood and composites, it will also cut drywall, copper, and aluminum.

  • Carbide tipped blade will last a long time
  • Dust collection adapter is included
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Ergonomic control grip
  • Easy to see cutline
  • A 60T high-speed steel blade is available for an additional cost

VonHaus Ultra-Compact Circular Saw 5.8amp with Laser Indicator


This mini circular saw seems to have it all and it cuts through wood, flooring, metal, and ceramic tile with ease. The laser light cutting guide is easy to use, quick to set up and allows for accurate and precise cuts every time.

The ergonomic design ensures that everyone can use it with only one hand, and the dust extraction hose ensures that every cut is as clean as the last. There are three blades included with this model, so no one will need to worry about needing any extras.

What We Like about It
The long dust extraction hose allows people to easily remove all the dust from where the cutting is being done, without worrying about it blowing out in the wrong place.

The laser light guide is going to help everyone as they make every cut they need and people will be amazed at how accurate everything will be. With that feature, everyone will be making the cut properly on the first try, so no materials will ever be wasted.

  • Extra-long dust extraction hose
  • Compact design
  • Cuts through multiple materials
  • Laser light cutting guide
  • Includes three cutting blades – one each for wood, tile, and metal
  • Longer power cord ensures more flexibility when using
  • Cutting depth is only approximately one inch

These are some of the best mini circular saws available and they all have amazing reviews along with our own. Some of these compact circular saws will cut more materials than others, while others are not as powerful.

A person will be able to choose the best one for their needs by simply deciding what they plan to use it for. Another option that everyone will want to consider is whether the mini circular saw they want should be battery operated or corded.

Each one has its benefits, but there is also the dead battery or no outlet available issues as well. No matter which small circular saw a person chooses, they will definitely be happy with their purchase, as they can use it for many years in the future.

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