Best Printers For Cardstock – 2019 Reviews (Updated)

Printing with cardstock isn’t as easy as printing with regular paper, which is why we are giving you a list of the best printers for cardstock.

Carstock Printer

Without the right kind of printer, it is common to deal with paper jams and paper wastage. These problems are caused because cardstock takes more toner and ink than normal printing paper.

Not every traditional store printer is cut out for heavy print jobs that involve cardstock. There are, thankfully, cardstock printers which are made specifically for the purpose of printing cardstock.

Top 3 Best Cardstock Printers

Product Image Connectivity Type Details
Canon Pixma iX6820 CANON PIXMA iX6820 Small Wireless | Ethernet | USB
Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Canon PIXMA Small USB Cable | Wi-Fi | Mobile Memory
Epson Artisan 1430 Epson Artisan 1430 Wireless Small Wireless, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, Mobile Device Printing And More

There are two main kinds of printers which can be used to print cardstock. Inkjet printers are typically more recommended, easier to locate, and receive better reviews than the alternative laser printers. The main downside with them is that the images are not quite as sharp and clear as laser printers.

Most laser printers, unfortunately, are not built to print on heavy-weight paper properly. There are still a few laser printers which can handle heavy cardstock, envelope and photo, and this is especially true as long as the paper isn’t more than 65 pounds. Here are some cardstock printer reviews.

Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet Printer

Epson Artisan 1430 Wireless


This cardstock printer features wireless printing as long as you have wifi and 6-color Claria ink. It can produce high definition and borderless pictures which are up to 13 by 19 inches. It has CD and DVD printing as well. The Epsom Artisan Inkjet printer can produce beautiful photos and it is even easy to share with friends and family with the network. Enjoy the benefits of lighting correction and advanced color in order to create photos that are amazing.

The photos will be resistant to water, fading, smudges, and scratches with the high definition Claria ink. Your photos will last as much as four times longer than regular lab photo prints. The image quality produced by this printer is up to 5760×1440 dpi resolution. The ink droplets themselves are as little as 1.5 picoliters which makes for greater detail and accuracy.

There are individual ink cartridges so that you only have to replace whatever color is needed. Enjoy photos that are grain-free and sharp, and text that is crisp and clear. Print with wide fonts up to 13 inches and use a wireless network. Even print right onto CDs or DVDs.

Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Printer

CANON PIXMA iX6820 Wireless


The CANON PIXMA iX6820 Wireless printer utilizes PIXMA printing solutions as well as Google Cloud Print and Air Print. It is capable of printing beautiful and borderless photos in a matter of only 36 seconds. This timeslot is given for photos that are 4” by 6”. The physical dimensions of the printer itself are 6.3 inches in height, 12.3 inches in depth, and 23.0 inches in width. It uses an int-tank system with 5 individual slots and it is high performance. The print resolution can reach 9600 by 2400 dpi.

This cardstock printer can even handle 13 by 19-inch presentation charts. It produces excellent quality and great detail. Thanks to the ink-tank system you can replace the colors you need rather than having to replace them all. There are also exclusive solution templates available to download to make your productivity even more streamlined.

It also has My Image Garden software which puts various printing features into a single software application. This significantly helps with organization.

Canon iP8720 Wireless Printer

Canon iP8720 Wireless


There are no drivers needed for the Canon iP8730 wireless printer. It is easy to use your iPod, iPad, or iPhone to link up with AirPrint and start printing. You can use Google Cloud Print or the Canon Print app from your tablet, iPhone, or Android device. The ink tanks include black, grey, yellow, magenta, and cyan. You only have to replace the ink tanks which are empty.

It is compatible with both individual and Combo CLI-251 XL Ink Tank. It is compatible with many Mobile Operations system and many Windows systems as well as Mac. The 6-ink systems result in amazing picture quality. You will also have the option of sharing your printers with anyone who you decide. Put your beautiful photos in a scrap book, hang them, share them with family—or do whatever else you want with them.

This printer is capable of printing beautiful borderless photos that are at largest 13 by 19 inches. It has a 9600 by 2400 dpi which will give you amazing detail. It is equipped with many useful features including PIXMA Printing Solutions, Google Cloud Print, and Airprint.

Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Inkjet Printer



The Canon Pixma Pro-11 Inkjet Printer has 8 dye-based inks. This gives for great gradients as well as beautiful color. Three of these colors are exclusively grayscale inks to give even more gorgeous black and white production. The cardstock printer utilizes the Optimum Image Generating System which uses logic to create colors just as you want them to show up.

It can be used with individual CLI-42 Ink Tanks. The colors utilized include yellow, photo magenta, magenta, photo cyan, cyan, light gray, gray, and black. You will only have to replace the ink canisters which run dry and you can save more on value packs. Enjoy great clarity thanks to 4800 by 2400 dpi.

This best cardstock printer uses some of the latest technology in order to give you prints in great detail. It has printing capabilities up to 13” by 19” and it can be used with various media. The Canon Pixma Pro-100 Inkjet Printer has the professional quality and large format that you want. It has the technology and functionality needed in order to produce photos that are high-quality.

HP LaserJet 1300 Printer

HP LaserJet 1300 Printer


You will have dpi resolution of up to 1,200 by 1,200 with the HP LaserJet 1300 Printer. It also features a print speed of up to 20 ppm and 16 MB of standard memory included with 80 MB of expandable memory. The first page can be printed in a mere 8 seconds. It has optional networking as well as parallel and USB interfaces.

The duty cycle for this printer is 10,000 pages per month. This desktop monochrome printer is network-capable and can be used either in a business or personal setting. It has a 133 MHz processor, a 10-sheet priority feed, and a 250-sheet input tray, but you can supplement it with a tray which will hold 510 pages.

Add the printer to a network so that you can operate it from different computers. It also supports a variety of types and sizes of paper including cardstock. If you are looking for a best laster printer for cardstock then there are only few options available in the market.

HP Photosmart D110A Wireless Printer

HP Photosmart D110A


The Photosmart line of inkjet printers is the high quality and most versatile of all the inkjet printers made by HP. The combination of superior quality inks and paper stock (whether it be plain paper, cardstock invitations or photo paper) helps to lead to high-quality print results. The D110A model inkjet printer features printing, copying, and scanning using the flatbed scanner located underneath the top lid.

The 2.36-inch color touchscreen makes all of the operations of the printer a snap and simply just a touch of your fingertip away. Cardstock can be easily fed through the D110A printer by making a couple set up changes through operator panel and using the manual feed tray. The scanning and copying functions also use the touchscreen on the operator panel to make all of the necessary options to complete the operation.

HP included a powerful function into the D110A printer called Airprint and it definitely benefits Apple mobile device users, it allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can easily print seamlessly directly from their devices. This also allows printing directly from the web without having to rely on a PC.

The HP Photosmart D110A printer is a great choice for those times that you are needing to be able to print invitations on cardstock.

HP Envy 114 E-all-in-one Printer – D411C

HP Envy 114


The HP Envy line of e all-in-one wireless inkjet printers is packed with a long list of very useful features. This includes the ability to print on a wide range of paper stock including; plain paper, photo paper, and cardstock. The high-quality inks and selected paper stock help the Envy deliver great looking prints. It is capable of scanning, copying, printing and using the built-in auto feeder makes it possible to scan and copy multiple pages at once.

The unique lower-profile design of the Envy line of HP All-In-One inkjet printers makes them all look extremely stylish. The top cover conceals the flatbed scanner which is used for the scanning and copying functions of this machine. The color LCD touchscreen is an important part of the overall functionality of the printer.

The wireless connectivity and HP ePrint you can easily print most all mobile devices and any computer attached to your home network. This includes any Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can print directly to the printer. The HP Envy 114 printer would make a really good choice for anyone looking for a printer that is capable of printing on cardstock type paper.

Epson WorkForce WF-7620 – Inkjet Printer

Epson WorkForce WF 7620


The Epson WF-7620 is powerful and very versatile small office and home office inkjet printer for cardstock. It delivers high quality black & white text and photo lab quality colors regardless of the paper type including; plain paper, photo, and cardstock. Its wide format design allows it to print on 11×17 plain paper and on photo paper up to 11×19 borderless. A heavier paper like the cardstock can be fed more directly using the rear feed tray. For more capacity, there is a second paper tray included.

The key to Epson’s success is the print engine and quality of the end result is second to none. The high-quality inks, more printheads and Epson’s new Precision core technology all combine to produce the beyond laser-quality black & white text and photo lab quality color, even on the heaviest cardstock. While it may not be the fastest printer, but it does print 18 pages per minute in black & white and 10 pages per minute in color.

The Epson WorkForce WF-7620 Inkjet Printer is a great choice for someone who is looking to print on cardstock. This All-in-One inkjet printer will wirelessly connect to your home or small office WiFi network. However, it can also be used as a direct print machine using Epson connect and most all mobile devices.

Epson Stylus Photo 1400 – Color Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus Photo 1400


The Stylus line of inkjet printers is the top of line color photo printers from Epson one of the industry-leading manufacturers of personal and business printers. The Stylus Photo 1400 is a wide format printer that is capable of printing on a wide range of paper stock including; plain paper up to 11×17, photo paper up to 13×19 and cardstock up to 11×17 as well. This printer is able to pass such a wide range of paper stock through it so quickly is because the paper is fed from the back of the printer in a straight line with no bends in the paper path.

The beautiful 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution delivers mind-boggling quality color pictures and laser-quality black text printing. The colors are produced using Epson’s 6-color (black and 5 individual color tanks) technology combined with micro-piezoelectric printheads that deliver ultra tiny droplets as small as 1.5 picoliters. By squeezing the tiny dots closer together helps to produce the great looking photos.

The unique PictBridge port technology makes it possible for you to print to the Epson Stylus Photo 1440 directly from any digital camera without having to use a computer. The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Printer is the top of the line Epson inkjet printer that is versatile enough to print on just about any type of paper or heavy cardstock.

WorkForce WF-7720

WorkForce WF 7720


The Epson Workforce line of inkjet printers is designed especially for a business office environment. This All-in-one machine is capable of copying, scanning, faxing and printing all inside one powerful machine. The high capacity auto sheet feeder holds up to 35 documents and then feeds it directly onto the scanning glass in order for the copier and fax functions of the printer.

The two 250-sheet paper trays give it a total paper capacity of 500 sheets of paper, for those times that you really need to print a lot. The specialty paper, like cardstock, can be fed directly through the printer from a rear mounted paper feeder.The high resolution, high-quality printing delivers beyond laser quality printing thanks to the PrecisionCore technology, four individual color ink tanks.

The 4.3-inch color LCD touchscreen display is at the heart of the control system and it makes it much easier to scan, copy and fax with relative ease. The advanced WiFi technology connects it to the entire office or home network. The wireless technology also makes it possible to print directly from most any mobile devices.

How to Print On Cardstock Paper (Top 10 Tips)

Printers come in many different types and sizes and each one handles the paper in different ways. Since printer paper comes in many different types, sizes and thickness you have to take a lot of different things into consideration when you go to do your printing from your computer or other devices.

One of the most unique of all paper stock that you can choose to print on is cardstock. This is because cardstock is much thicker than most of the typical types of paper stock that most people use in their printer. Along with being much thicker, the surface of most cardstock has a matte style finish which makes it more difficult to print on as well.

If you are new to printing on cardstock and you are needing to have some printing done, here are 10 top tips on how to get the best result out of your first time printing.

#1 Ensure that the document size matches your cardstock size – Most people rarely check to see if the paper size matches the document that they are printing. However, when it comes to this paper it is not unusual to have an oddball paper size which could ultimately affect the final print. Be sure to check that you match the document size and paper size match. Depending on the program you are printing from you will find the document size under the “file” tab.

#2 Be sure to update your printer driver with the correct paper size – Along with setting the paper size of the document you are printing, you also need to check and change the paper size in the printer driver to be sure that the printer will printer page correctly. Cardstock is unique in that the paper size is not uniform and should be checked before printing cardstock.

#3 Cannot find the optional custom paper size in the driver, be sure it is up to date – Due to the unique sizes of this paper it is likely that you will need to the custom size option in the print driver in order to be able to print. If your current print driver does not have the custom paper option, you should be sure that you have the latest driver for your printer. If you do not, go to the manufacturer’s website and check for one.

#4 Be sure to set the paper orientation correctly to match the cardstock –  Since this paper comes in a multitude of sizes and can be used to print many different types of print jobs. This means that it can be used to print any number of different kinds of documents. Be sure that you set the orientation (portrait or landscape) both on the print driver and the document set that you are wanting to print. If you match them you will end up with a messed up result.

#5 Verify that your printer can support the paper size – Depending on the cardstock printer that you buy there is almost always some sort of limitation presented to you when it comes to what size paper you can use on the printer. If you are planning to print poster size prints you would want to find a large format that states that it will fully support the paper size. The same if you are looking to print a small postcard you would want to be sure it can handle the smaller size paper.

#6 Does your model printer support heavy cardstock – This is important especially when it comes to cardstock because of the thickness of the paper it can usually only be fed a certain way through the paper without getting jammed inside. So, if you plan to be using heavy cardstock you should plan ahead and find a model printer that can fully support heavy cardstock printing. Not all printers are designed to print on the type of paper most cardstock is made from and the print job may not turn out as expected.

#7 Try an alternative paper type if you cannot find your cardstock – The print driver that comes with your printer is pre-programmed with a number of different types of paper. These are generally based on a number of factors or characteristics of the different types of paper. Many times, depending on the brand of the paper stock that you buy there could be slight variations that could alter the printing and the result you get. So, with that said you might have to try a couple different paper types in order to get the best result.

#8 Are you using the right paper tray – This is very important depending on the printer that you buy when it comes to cardstock. Many printers that claim to support printing on cardstock state that it must be loaded a certain way in your printer. If that is the case you want to be sure that you tell the print driver where you have the cardstock loaded so that it can pull the cardstock when it comes time to print.

#9 Turn off resizing and scaling functions – When it comes to what a document looks like on your computer screen and what it will look like on the paper after it exits your printer can depend on a number of factors. More often than not issues with the printing can be attributed to having the scaling and resizing of the page. This means while the document looks perfect on your screen, the way the printer will print it may vary dramatically. By turning this option off in the print driver before you print will eliminate this issue.

#10 Be sure you load the paper correctly in the printer – Last but certainly not least, you always want to be sure that you are loading your paper stock into the printer correctly. If you are able to load your cards into a paper tray be sure you select the paper size on the tray. If are using gravity fed paper tray make sure that you adjust the slider(s) snug against the paper to ensure it feeds straight through the printer without jamming or getting twisted.

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  • I’m happy to know that the HP LaserJet 1300 Printer has positive reviews. I would love to know more about other printers as well and this post is very informative. We’re planning to buy a new printer in the office and this review is very helpful. Canon Pixma iX6820 seems ideal but we’re also considering HP Photosmart. It is important that we will buy a printer that we could use for a long time and has good features.

  • Hi Elly, thank you for your comment. If you are looking for a cardstock printer under budget then I recommend you Canon Pixma iX6820, it has enough features to fulfill normal printing needs.

  • Thank you for sharing this awesome review! It’s not easy to find the right printer that will prevent waste of paper through paper jams and waste of toner. Among the top three printers, I prefer Epson 1430 the most because of its connectivity type and the brand itself. Canon is good but I’m not used to it and that I’m less familiar with its functions.

    • I am pleased that you have chosen Epson 1430, it is a great printer with hundreds of positive reviews. The above canon models are also very popular and there is a manual comes with every printer so understanding the printer functions is not a big problem for the new user.

  • Saw your 10 Best card stock printers. Canon IX6820 was #1. Before buying, I downloaded the Canon User Manual. It clearly limited paperweight to only 28 lbs. Most card stock is more like 110 lbs. I would have purchased on your recommendation, but now I wonder why you recommended it with that limitation. Thanks, Ed Jones

    • Hi Edward,

      The Canon IX6820 can be used for cardstock paper and we have collected this data from different sources. A user reported It can work on 110 lb cardstock, Kindly check questions and answers section for this product at Amazon. The reason that we have included this printer on our list because the price is very affordable. The other cardstock printers can easily cost more than $300.

      You can also check the review mentioned by the customer (KettleKorn)

      In case you are looking for the more superior printers then see Canon PIXMA Pro-100 or HP Photosmart D110A.

      Hope this helps!

  • I’m in a budget and in need of an affordable printer but could deliver consistent quality results. The cardstock printers in the list seem to have the characteristics that I need. However, most of them seem to be a little bit high for my budget. I’m looking for a printer that cost less than a hundred dollar.

  • I keep seeing “cardstock” without clearly stating what weight? How heavy of cardstock can each printer work with?

  • I am looking for a printer that I can run pre-printed card stock on or even better just actual preprinted cards on (like birthday, etc) where I can then add personal notes to my clients. I wont be using it for photos, etc but both cost and long term ink cost (its nice when third party folks make ink refills to keep ink cost down). Is there a printer that handles heavy-duty card stock or where I could feed an actual hallmark type card through to add a personal note that is not too expensive and where ink does not cost an arm and a leg? Thx, -Stace

    • Hi Stacey,

      Your requirements are bit different from the regular users, and you can take a look at Canon PIXMA Pro-100 printer, this is an excellent color printer that can work on cardstock. As you said, you need a printer to add personal notes for your clients on preprinted cards, this way the printer doesn’t consume too much ink and can complete many jobs. It has 8 Dye-based inks, and you have the option to replace the inks that run out.

      Separate ink buying options are also available at the official canon website. Also, keep in mind the ink tanks are expensive as compared to other models.

    • I’m curious, why not just handwrite your personal notes? It would certainly save time. Also, nothing says impersonal like a computer printed “personal note”.

  • I need 2 printers for my cardstock printing services. Based on this post, the top 3 are Canon Pixma iX6820, Canon PIXMA Pro-100, and Epson Artisan 1430. The features of these printers seems very interesting to me. Although I’m not really a fan of the Epson brand, still I want to try Canon Pro-100 and Epson model. Do you think these printers are good enough to handle normal cardstock printing?

    • Hello Stacy,

      Yes, these models are good enough to handle normal cardstock printing needs. What type of printing services do you offer?

  • Best printer with auto feed tray? Id prefer to not have a manual load or back load as the printer will be built into a cabinet? Any thoughts? I am currently using the EPSON WF 7710 which has been great but I need to up the quality. Max 110lb stock weight.

    • Canon Pixma Pro 100 comes with an Auto Sheet Feeder feature. It provides high-quality prints for heavy paper too.

  • I’d like to know that too. I was thinking about buying the WF7725, but unsure about print quality compared to the dedicated photo printers

  • Hi there…. I am on a budget and looking for a printer for my small candybar wrappers and party invitations services so eventually I will need to print on cardstock, label papers, etc…. What printer can you recommend? Any of the above maybe? thanks.

  • hi. I’m looking for a printer for my wedding invitation business. I want high quality, cost-effective and able to print on 300gsm card stock. Please help. I’m going round in circles. The canon printers I’ve looked at on printerland UK specify the 300gsm relates to their own materials?? is this true?? Just don’t know whats best anymore??

  • Can you recommend a printer scanner that will handle extra wide paper and heavy card stock and also has refillable ink tanks?

  • Hi. Thanks for the great info. I’m trying to find a printer that works well with all of my Mac products. Wireless, screen, ability to make several changes to paper layouts. I’m trying to make refills for my planners. One is half letter 5.5 x 8.5 and typical letter size. I’ve always used HP and love their printers but they just don’t seem to work well with apple products. I’m constantly getting disconnected from wireless printing or it just doesn’t print ever. Haha I’m really tired of the constant frustration. Life is hard. Bahaha Anywho, I would rather pay more for a good printer that works for me and I try to be ink cost aware. That can eat my lunch. I hope I made you smile for the price of helping me. I’ve researched a lot and it just gets more difficult to decide.

  • Thanks Ive looked everywhere and havent found the printer I need. I need a Laser Printer that can print in great quality photos in a 14pt or (100lb) Gloosy Cardstock paper. my budget might go up to $700 thanks !!

    • Jose I need the same thing. I have been using my HP 3500 laserjet for 20 years. Its obviously discontinued but I LOVE IT! I need something comparable. I always use the manual feeder, never the paper tray. HELP

  • I have just recently bought the epson wf 7720. and for some reason I’m not able to use the back spot for the card stock. Does anyone here know anything about this printer? I have called epson and all they tell me is to send it back, well this thing is HUGE and not light to just cary around. So any help would be nice. Thank you

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