Best Ultrasonic Carburetors Cleaners – 2019 Reviews

Ultrasonic cleaners are a unique way to clean a wide range of objects. They use high-frequency sound waves and a liquid (usually a solvent) to thoroughly clean the objects that are placed inside the internal tank. This article is about ultrasonic carburetor cleaners and how to know which one is right for your needs.

For the most part, all of the units in this article all work the same way, but they will vary depending on features and functionality according to the manufacturer and the price point. We did a lot of research online in order to come up with the best Ultrasonic Carburetors Cleaner on the market.

 7 Ultrasonic Carburetors Cleaners In 2019

iSonic P4810 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

iSonic P4810


The iSonic P4810  is a commercial grade cleaning system that can use either water or specialized solvents depending on the material that the object you are cleaning. It is capable of cleaning a wide range of objects from carburetors to jewelry and everything in between.

The key to it operation is the use of ultra high-frequency soundwaves (36,000 Hz) to create cavitation (bubbling effect) in the liquid to cut through all of the dirt, grime and other debris in the carburetor. It features a 2liter stainless steel inner tank for holding an object and selected liquid (water or solvent).

The ultra-compact unit features a sleek, white, all plastic exterior with an easy to read digital timer on display. Its smaller size makes it a perfect fit for your counter or on a workbench in the garage or a shop.

The iSonic P4810 Ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful cleaning unit, and it features a budget-friendly lower cost as compared to many other sonic type cleaners.

CO-Z 6L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

CO-Z 6L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner


CO-Z 6L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner is a high-quality commercial-grade cleaning unit that is designed using all the best material and workmanship. The extra internal tank holds up to 6 liters of liquid and a number of different objects inside its large tank. It cleans using a combination of sound and heat to power through even the most difficult stains.

The inside of the unit features a 6 liter (1.85 gallons) stainless steel tank for holding the liquid (solvent or water). The package also includes a sturdy wire basket for holding smaller parts that are in need of cleaning. The exterior features a strong, all-metal construction for extra long life and has two LED displays for monitoring the operation of the cleaner.

The CO-Z 6L  Carburetor Cleaner uses three 60-watt power transducers to produce a total of 180-watts power. It generates 40,000 Hz of soundwaves that combines with the liquid inside the tank to produce bubbles that contact the surface of the object in order to remove any debris, grime from a number of different materials.

The CO-Z 6L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer&Heater is a high-quality cleaning unit designed for cleaning all kinds of things including carburetors.

Kendal Commercial grade 760 watts HB612MHT

Kendal Commercial grad


The Kendal Commercial grade 760 is a high-quality, high-capacity commercial-grade cleaner. The unit is stainless steel throughout including the high-capacity 12-liter stainless steel tank. It also includes a wire mesh basket to be used to hold smaller objects.

This high-capacity ultrasonic cleaner is perfect for cleaning larger sized objects like carburetors and other larger objects as well as other smaller items that require heavy-duty cleaning. The unit also includes an external drain system with a flow-control valve to empty out the internal washing tank.

The cleaning operation is controlled by the two large knobs on the front of the unit. One is for setting the timer from 0-20 minutes and the other knob controls the temperature from 20°C to 80°C. The unit is portable by using the carrying handles located on each end of the unit and are extremely sturdy.

The Kendal Commercial grade 760 watts is high volume, high-powered ultrasonic cleaner that is capable to be used for many different commercial operations. It can be used to clean carburetors and jewelry, as well as medical devices.

Tek Motion Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Tek Motion Stainless


The Tek Motion Cleaner is an extra large and heavy-duty commercial grade cleaner. It is made from all high-quality materials inside and out to ensure that it can hold up to rigors of a commercial business. It features the largest capacity tank on our list.

Tek Motion designed this ultrasonic Carburetor cleaner with heavy-duty stainless steel inside and out including the nearly four gallons (3.97 gallons) capacity of liquid and objects that are needing to be cleaned. For ease of cleaning there is an external drain that includes a flow control valve that can quickly drain out all of the liquid from the tank.

The cleaning power of the Tek Motion Ultrasonic Cleaner comes from the six 60-watt (total 360 watts) sonic transducers. This ultrasonic cleaner works by produce bubbles in the liquid through the introduction of high-frequency sound. This action impacts the surface of the object and helps to remove loose or embedded debris.

The Tek Motion is one of the highest capacity cleaners that we were able to find during our research on the Internet.

Taihan Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater – Good ForCarburetors

Taihan Cleans Carburetors


The Ultrasonic Cleaner with heater is a high-quality professional quality commercial grade cleaner. The unit is made from only the highest quality materials and was designed to be used in a wide range of commercial applications. The extra large tank holds up to 15-liters of liquid and objects that are needing cleaning.

The machine produces 360-watts of power and 40,000 Hz to create an amazing amount of cavitation (bubbles) which is the secret behind the cleaning power of ultrasonic cleaners. The inner stainless steel tank features extra thick walls which help to make it more durable. The package includes a fitted stainless steel cover and wire mesh basket that is designed to hold smaller objects that are needing cleaning.

The controls are all really easy to use which makes a snap to be able to operate the unit with the digital displays for both the temperature control and timer. The push buttons are all located on the front panel of the unit and just under the LED displays. The buttons are used to set the timer from 1 to 30 minutes and temperature can be set between 0°C and 80°C depending on the amount of cleaning is needed.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner with heater is a high-quality product that is perfect to Cleans Carburetors.

Large Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner Heated – DK SONIC 30L 600W Lab Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Dk Sonic Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner


The DK SONIC 30L is the biggest of all of the ultrasonic cleaners that we found on the Internet. The massive 30-liter stainless steel inner tank was designed to hold both cleaning liquids (water or solvent) for cleaning of a wide assortment of objects that need to be cleaned like carburetors.

The unit is made with sturdy stainless steel inside and out which will help to make it last years into the future. The walls of the inner tank are extra thick to help provide strength on the inside during the ultrasonic operation. The DK Sonic 30L features a powerful, dual mode (full-wave and semi wave) that generates 600-watts and dual frequency (40,000 Hz and 28,000 Hz).

The operator panel is located on the front panel of the unit and it features two separate LED displays (Timer and Temperature settings) and it has push buttons to set each of them. The timer allows you to set it from 0-99 minutes and temperature 0°C to 80°C.

The  DK SONIC 30L 600W Lab Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is the absolute largest of all of the ultrasonic carburetor cleaner.

AW 6L Liter Stainless Steel 380 Watt Ultrasonic Cleaner

AW 6L Carburetors Cleaner


The AW 6L Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner is a large capacity cleaning system that is designed to be used with a wide range of objects that are needing a deep cleaning. The unit features high-quality materials inside and out with a inner tank made twice as thick to handle stress from being pounded by the cavitating bubbles.

The inner tank is large enough to hold up to 6 liters of liquid and parts in order to clean them. It features high-frequency soundwaves that creates the bubbles in the water or cleaning solvent depending on the materials in the object. The control panel that is located on the front of the unit features two LED displays that show the time and temperature in Celsius.

The AW 6L Liter Stainless Steel 380 Cleaner is a powerful cleaning unit that is capable of holding a wide range of objects from jewelry to carburetors.

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